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For larger clients, Excluss offers a wide range of on and off line consultancy, promotion and bespoke promotion services including

In addition to our own team, Excluss works with many close corporate partners in diversified areas of promotion. Our in house expertise can insure your campaign goes to the top of the Internet while our ground teams can provide exhibition coaches, bill boards etc for a wide diversity of clients from political campaigning to promoting tourism. Giving our Jamaican clients the ultimate in promotional campaigns. Our latest addition of cutting edge proximity promotion technology allows our clients to send messages to everyone's mobile, irrespective of their network, at zero call cost.

Our engineering department offers technical services including software development, computer and other hardware sourcing, server hosting, data storage solutions, website building and related web services.  Excluss has a long history in solar power development for problematic electricity areas. The engineering division can consult on the latest state of the art solar energy systems to keep your computers or building cool and running when the electricity grid is not. Our own data centre is totally green being powered and cooled with alternative energy.

Whatever your promotion campaign, whether you are promoting tourism, politics, product or a country, Excluss can promote it to the top on the Internet and beyond.

The most important element of building a solid foundation for a successful promotion campaign is to first identify latest market trends and uncover sources of future market growth. Then examine hidden opportunities in current research data and understand the competition. Only then can a corporate strategy with qualitative analysis and growth projections be formed. See Sample Analysis - Kenya

Excluss can substantially increase awareness of your department or service in Jamaica or anywhere in the world.

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