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The importance of promoting your name.

So why advertise and promote your personal name on the Internet?

The importance and success of any Internet driven business is depicted by how many people know about you. The same for any business, yes?

How many people know your name? How many of all those people know other people? There you have it, that's your network And no doubt your business was founded by people telling others about you and your business.

Well today, your network can be any size you decide.

So like most, you built a business from a few people in your personal network and maybe frown that network into hundreds or possibly thousands if you've been successful. But just suppose your network was in the millions? How much more successful. would your business would be?
To be a successful. business these days you have to dominate the Internet in your vertical market. The more pages and entries you have in the Google database the more people and potential customers you will reach as Google rewards you with greater visibility to a wider audience.

Apart from promoting your business and its products/services with your website, you can also promote yourself or even staff. This will increase search engines entries which leads to more customers clicking on your site. To see the effectiveness of this just type 'cvanci jamaica' into Google. All those front page entries would not normally be there if I had
not added content and promoted my name cvanci.

We had a client in Tenerife where we promoted a page about not only herself but one about the establishments pet parrot. It brought thousands of new people to his site many of which either became customers or told others that did.

You have no doubt heard of 'Social Media'. Well that's what its about, indirectly promoting your product by directly promoting yourself. And these days your visibility and social media network is vital to the success of any business.
So if your looking for greater awareness and visibility of your business on the Internet, think outside the traditional methods of promotion, promote yourself, your staff, your activities or even your pet dog! All those extra pages and entries in the search engine bear your brand name and ultimately lead potential customers to your web site.

About the Author.
Eduardo CVanci has been pioneering search engine optimisation and promotion since its concept in the 90's placing thousands of web sites at the forefront of search across a wide diversity including Governments and from corporate's to local businesses. His particular specialties are in the global entertainment and tourism industry.

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