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Political Campaigns with Whats App

Instant whatts app marketing promotions

Get your political message to potential voters

Got something to say? Want to get a political viewpoint across? Expose the opposition? WhatsApp is the latest political tool in successful social media political party marketing. A WhatsApp message gets right to the heart of your voters.

reach new customers with WhatsApp

Reach New Voters - Sway political opinions

Instantly reach across a country or demographic region with your political message. The mobile phone has changed not only the way people communicate but the very nature of their political mind.

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WhatsApp the new Political Social Media tool

People read and action WhatsApp messages more than any other social media method. Political parties are rapidly using this powerful tool as an excellent method of swaying general public opinions in run ups to general elections.

The ability to inform virtually everyone in a country instantly and at any time of facts is the most powerful advertising message in the world! Many governments are using such campaigns for public service messaging including health advice, weather warnings and even tax return due dates!

Politicians globally have been quick to seize the enormous influential power such a campaign would give them and not just in the developed countries. In Tanzania with 11 million internet users, WhatsApp has transformed political communication in the country bestowing a new vote winning power to the political rivals.

it has been a powerful tool in Israel’s government election and woke up a nation to its great opportunity for political, as well as marketing campaigns. It played a crucial role in election campaigning in India. In Spain mainstream politicians quickly followed Indignados and Podemos using WhatsApp on smartphones to reconnect with disenchanted voters.

“If you want people to vote for you, you need to inform and influence people, you need to be a political reference, You have to insert yourself in the conversation, which has become a digital conversation.”

WhatsApp is rapidly becoming the preferred political tool of choice for both propaganda and mudslinging

Interested in how your political party can leverage the power of WhatsApp to win votes? Contact Excluss today to find out more on this tremendous political promotional opportunity and extremely effective marketing tool

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