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Check the Health of your Website

Many website's look ok but have bad health underneath. This can lead to all sorts of problems for the search engines and visitors. According to official bodies, a staggering 95% of website's have faults and over half having serious health problems. And the vast majority of website's are not mobile friendly.
This bad website health can range from sloppy coding, bloated graphics, poor scripts, bad html to a whole heap of other problems.

Apart from causing browser problems for visitors, a site in bad health is penalised or even completely ignored by search engines, fatal to your companies internet presence.

Excluss can carry out a very exhaustive health check on your website, producing a comprehensive health report outline problems and recommendations for solutions.

Cost. Our standard fee for a full health check is only JM$10k and could be the best investment you made since launching your web site.

If your not conversant with any of the above don't worry. After the website's health check, our expert team here at Excluss in Jamaica can put it all right for you.

If you have a query about how to have your site in good health and secure your position on the Internet, Contact us.

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