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A common mistake by designers when building a website is to concentrate solely on what the visitor sees.   A good website MUST contain certain elements to have any credibility with search engines. For example not having a 'contact' or 'privacy' page will certainly demote your website and its credibility. If the pages HTML code is badly written. the search engines (SE's) will demote the page even further. So no matter how good the website looks or how fantastic your product is, nobody will find it because the SE's wont list it prominently.

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A website design should have an easy navigation, fast loading pages and look appealing to visitors. You have approx 3 seconds to grab the visitors interest - YES just 3 seconds! Or they will be back to the search engine in a flash and click on another site. First impressions count so importantly with websites. And the same applies to the search engines.

Excluss have built countless websites over the years covering a wide range of themes. We have a massive portfolio of graphics, templates and scripts to ensure your site works to the best possible. Whether your business is a hotel, restaurant, manufacturer or other industry in Jamaica, the Excluss team can take your company from nowhere and place it at the top of the internet in Jamaica and the world.

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