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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultancy now in Kingston Jamaica.

Excluss now offers an SEO consultancy service for Jamaica. Based in Kingston, we specialize in all aspects of Internet marketing and promotion, offering promotion and SEO assistance to a broad range of clients including local businesses, governments and corporations
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What is SEO?
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method used by those wishing to increase awareness of their website and products / services associated with it. Just imagine a Yellow Pages with over 1 Billion listings with over 137 billion pages making it over 65 Miles thick! How the heck would you ever be found? Unless, you were on the front couple of pages.
Well, that's the internet. With over a billion sites on the internet containing hundreds of billions of pages about anything you can imagine, its extremely difficult and impossible for most to even get listed, let alone be found in the top pages on Google.

There are two different ways to get found in Google, or other search engines. 1. Pay the search engines big money every day to be featured at the top of the first few pages. 2. Get to the top organically by ensuring professional SEO. The first option depends upon the depth of your pocket and only lasts as long as you keep paying each day. The second option either requires you to be an expert at SEO or employ the services of a professional internet promotions company. Unlike the first option, the effects cary on even after the promotion (and your expense) has finished.

The question of Return On Investment is the most frequently asked by most considering SEO. There can be no hard and fast rules or guarantees about ROI. Search engine optimization is simply something you have to do. No different than investing in a sign above your premises so people can see you and identify what you offer.
But, there is one tremendous difference between investing in the sign and SEO. No matter how big or inviting your shop front, its sign or offerings inside, you are limited by the amount of traffic passing. A website however is available to be seen by Billions of passing people - IF, they can find it. You may have an awe inspiring website with fantastic money saving offers, but if potential customers cant find you, then sales will be virtually zero and all that money invested in the website is wasted.
For example, our Jamaican branch recently required a new office item. Being based near Kingston we did what everyone else would do, typed it into Google. We picked a couple of companies in Kingston to contact from page one of search results and the next day had our new equipment. Interesting to note that the search gave us 703,000 results, but like most we didn't bother going past the first page.
So as an ROI exercise, lets assume the company we bought the item from had 1000 different office items ranging from JM$1000 to JM$100,000, with an average item value of JM$20k. Lets also assume the companies SEO promotional costs averaged JM$50k month. That's just JM$50 costs per item. So the sale of an item with profit margin of possibly JM$9k (20%) is excellent ROI when you consider that many other customers will be phoning as a result of their front page listing in Google.

What can good SEO do for you?
That depends upon your business model. If you are a small retailer relying on very local foot traffic, then possibly the Internet is not for you anyway. However, if you rely upon attracting customers from further away, then an Internet presence is vital. But absolutely of no value whatsoever unless you are at the forefront of searches and that requires professional SEO.
Due to difficulties in secure payments and honesty of some customers, online sales in places like Jamaica has been slow to take off. But, be sure of one thing, it will not only soon take off in Jamaica but become the same as other countries, the normal way of purchasing items. Any business that's not in a position on the Internet to take advantage, will loose out big time.

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