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Hello. They call me Ed and I now head up the promotions side of Excluss. You can read all about Excluss and myself at Excluss.Com

 One technology we started paying attention to some while back was the need for multi-business companies to utilise their combined weight and gain a beneficial prominence on the Internet. This applied especially to prestigious Shopping Centres where multiple independent businesses worked under the same global umbrella of the centre itself. It’s not rocket science to realise that in any such ‘group’ of businesses the success of one affects the success of others. The goodwill and credibility of the entire group is increased substantially as each one’ rubs off’ onto the other. With the obvious benefit of increased customers through increased awareness.

It works like this. Just suppose you have a large centre called ‘The Plaza’ that’s well known amongst the vertical sector that know of it. Searching for ‘the Plaza Jamaica’ in Google would no doubt return ‘The Plaza’ as a top result, if it does not – then you are in real trouble. However if a customer is searching for ‘wedding dresses’, then The Plaza will certainly not be listed as the search engines would see your site as irrelevant to the search.

But suppose that the centre has its own portal which features the shops within the centre, then a certain amount of status and credibility of the centre itself passes unto the individual shops. Most corporate centres offer this portal approach. If your centre hasn't’t yet implemented a portal, it should do so with all haste.

 Now suppose one of the centre’s shops sells wedding dresses and they also have a website, which any business should have these days. It’s unlikely that the wedding dress site is promoted on the Internet and even if it was, achieving a dominant position in search engines against all the competitors can be expensive and require very professional skills. But, because the centre itself has a dominate search position and credibility; any shop that is promoted within the centres portal can achieve much higher rankings and visibility far quicker at affordable promotional cost. But its not just the individual shops that benefit as this starts a never ending circle. Now when someone searches for ‘wedding dresses’, the search engine sees it as very relevant to bring The Plaza up first as the source for wedding dresses. This type of ‘cross promotion’ search engines love.

So The Plaza gains a far greater reach in the search engines as The Plaza is linked to and of relevance to the search term, which applies across all the trades their shops offer. For example Google Jamaica returns over one million pages for ‘wedding dresses Jamaica’, now if the centre itself and the shop within it appeared on Google's front page?? Now that’s skilful promotion giving a competitive edge that would normally be hard or impossible to achieve. Once created this never ending circle is continuous as the centre and the shops within all gain relevance and pass it on to each other, creating an unbreakable continuous circle of growth.

Of course, this does not just apply to shopping centres, any company that has diversified sub divisions can benefit from using this promotional circle.

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