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We have been involved with the music & entertainment promotions industry since the mid 90's when Larry & Sergie of Google were still in their garage and Jerry & Dave of Yahoo were still in their back room and we all chatted together like guru buddies.

While Google went on to become the main source of everything that is on the Internet by building a great search engine, we concentrated on using the mythology of search engines to promote aspiring musicians at the top of search results. Those same search engines now dominate the Internet world and empower the lives of everyone, dictating success or failure for many. Musicians in Jamaica can now harness the promotional leverage of search to promote Jamaican music to the world.

Throughout our growth in the commercial promotions world, Excluss has always maintained its specialised department promoting within the music and entertainment industry utilising our own London studios in the early days. Excluss were the first to recognise how music promotion on the Internet could be used to gain fast recognition for emerging artists. Over the years we have built an enviable promotions network of partners, affiliates and people, spanning the entire globe. There's not a market on the Internet we cant promote and dominate. We have created millions of views on YouTube for artists, connected them with millions of avid fans, promoted their facebook and social media exposure to millions more, gained millions of sound track plays/downloads, promoted their music on MTV, BET, TV and thousands of radio stations and seen many artists go on to achieve deserved fame.

With operations in London, Portugal, Morocco and Kenya, Excluss have now opened a branch in Jamaica bringing professional bespoke internet promotion to Jamaican musicians looking to expand into the global market.

To help out a little Excluss have introduced a 'music subsidy grant for music promotion in Jamaica'. All music promotions costs for unsigned artists in Jamaica are being subsidized for a short period by 50%, making it affordable to gain fame on the Internet for any artist. Once places have been filled though for this jamaican music subsidy, we will not accept further applications until 2016.

But, we do not take on every Jamaican musician. We have a strict entry procedure.

From years of experience we know what's commercial and what's not and which artists are dedicated and those that are just joy riding. Read our 'Guide for Jamaican Musicians page

So if you are looking to 'Get Out There' with your music and gain international fame and meet the criteria for a subsidy grant from Excluss, just contact us using our form *here* 
Don't forget to include links to any YouTube, FB, Soundcloud etc music you already have. Or if not, we will email you to attach your mp3/wave/etc track.

You will receive an honest and open opinion. So Contact us NOW and send your music from Jamaica
And don't forget to read our guide for Jamaican Musicians

Contact us HERE    or +1876 543 3998 Harbour View, Kingston 17, Jamaica. UK Excluss London +44 2032396171

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