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Long Tail Keyword Phrases.

The value of using long tail key-phrases in SEO has long been overlooked by many e commerce sites from small to large. Their importance is that a long tail keyword phrase can deliver new sales from new clients as opposed to just repeat customers.

Where as a repeat customer may just type 'Your domain' or your brand name into Google and find you on the obvious front page, a potential new customer typing in a longer search string for a particular product or service may not find you at all.
Take for example a generic search for 'Face Creams' which turns up the expected industry leaders in Google search with 21 Million entries.
The first few pages are dominated by household names and well established retailers. So you would stand little or no chance of getting your product anywhere noticeable unless your pockets were very deep indeed.

But then we start looking at long tail searches that are more product specific like for example male creams, that many thousands of people often typed into Google. (This can be discovered by analyzing global Internet search results. Contact us if your unsure how to do this.)

'what is the best anti aging cream for men'
best men's anti aging products
best anti aging for men reviews
good anti aging cream for men
'when should you start using anti aging cream'
'when to start using anti aging products'

Now search results for these terms are very valuable to you if you can manipulate your web site into a page one position for them. People that search for these sort of long tail terms have serious interest and not just casual browsers. So highly valuable as you are attracting brand new visitors with a specific need which, if your page can satisfy, will lead to a new customer. Getting your page to feature on page one for long tail keywords is achieved by creating a site or individual pages that have content explicitly about the subject and ensuring the content and various other attributes are correctly worded. Then build the correct social signals to the page along with quality backlinks from similar themed sites and you will feature on page one of Google or maybe even at number one!

If you have built your business model around promoting your companies name and branding thats good, but without capturing those millions of people looking for more specific information, your missing out on the icing on the cake and the cherries on top.

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