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Leonardo Corleone-Vanci
Excluss Consultancy Jamaica

Leonardo is a main director of Excluss in Jamaica, only 22 but with several years of experience in promotions and alternative energy gained from hands on operations in the UK, Kenya..

From an early age he was schooled by his father Eduardo (see profile) and building websites by the age of nine. Leo later took interest in climate change and how alternative energy could assist the world in becoming a cleaner better place. Learning from his father and studying new concepts, Leo is a true example of the student surpassing his tutor. At only eighteen, he headed to Kenya and set up a new branch of Excluss and Leonardo sees no limit in a world desperate to achieve cleaner, cheaper energy.

Leo now heads up the music promotions side of Excluss in Jamaica. Promoting new and established artists and their music across the Internet and world.

Leo still keeps a strong connection with our alternative energy sector, but his daily world pulsates around the Jamaican music industry.  His expertise gained in promotion strategies is well used in the local music industry, desperate for that bridge that can connect and promote their music to the world.

Meanwhile, Excluss is increasing its Internet Promotion and Marketing consultancy division in Jamaica headed up by Eduardo, where there is much demand for professional help in assisting local firms and organisations create an Internet presence.

"Jamaica has some wonderful people who appreciate the work I'm doing and I hope that over the years I can carry on the legacy and make Excluss a powerful force throughout  Jamaica and globally."



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