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The importance of Internet Promotion.
'How to disappear like a Dinosaur without it'

Many years ago we coined a phrase "If you in business but cant be found in Google - You don't exist"!
But despite that stark reality, many of the web sites out there just occupy useless space. For the purpose here, lets just look at the tourism industry. The web site may look absolutely wonderful with tremendous appeal and giving away star value, But customers will be few and far between.
WHY? Because the site is no where to be found in the top pages of Google.
AND, we live in an ever increasingly hectic world where time is of an essence and when searching on the Internet people just don't have the time to read the first, second and third page of Google listings. They pick the first one that answers their query best and CLICK..... Another sale gained by one company and lost to all the others.

So its very simple to see the importance of your web site being listed as near to the top of Google as possible. Anyone can dominate first spot on Google. It just depends on the budget available to each business. Some corporate's throw $millions each year into promotion on the Internet. While a local businesses may wisely invest a few $thousand to dominate their own niche market.So its a very simple choice. Invest into Internet promotion and become richer or struggle until you fade away. Harsh words I know, but a written in stone fact.

Already e-commerce on the Internet is worth over $2.5Trillion yearly and that's just Internet sales. But in the Tourism Industry there's a much deeper and richer reward because:-
1. The majority of tourists research their localities before they book, right down to the local bars.
2. Virtually all bookings on the Internet or otherwise start with a search.
So even if they don't actually buy on the Internet they found what they wanted to buy there.

This point was proven quite nicely by one hotel owner who contacted us in a panic. His website had stopped working and his on line bookings had vanished so he was relying on telephone bookings. But his normally busy phone had also gone virtually silent. It was only then he understood the value of the web site and that many customers (myself included) will research a hotel and ring them directly instead of booking online as often a better price or offer is available by direct contact. We got him up and running again within days and he is now a long term client and his website is now on page one of Google instead of page six. With a result of every hoteliers dream, fully booked

Failing world economies, with reduction in peoples disposable income has created an extremely competitive market in the over stocked tourism industry with many businesses failing. Many would paint a picture of gloom and despair and sadly, its those that will fail. Times have changed and so has the tourism industry, if your wise and change with it you will succeed because all those that wail and fail will leave a new market vacuum for you as the survivor to fill.

For example, in Kenya the traditional market was suffering from European economy problems, so we started looking at newer expanding markets. Now there is a plane once a week from Russia to Kenya full of Russian tourists with dollars to spend. For another client we identified the hidden treasure for European ornithologists (bird watchers) in their country that had 90% of the worlds bird species and population. An untapped market containing over two million middle class very interested tourists.
They say as one door closes another opens and these days a business has to be capable of spotting those opening doors before the existing one closes. Its all about change and the main force driving that change is the Internet.

But its not just about Google, Yahoo or Bing any more as apart from dominating search, there's Social Media with FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and hundreds of others. All of which you MUST be connected with and popular on to be be successful. And its not just computers anymore either. With smart phones and tablets common everywhere, people can search and explore the world while on a bus, train or having a coffee. That's how holidays, hotel bookings and everything tourism related is sold today and its a vastly increasing market worth $Trillions each year.

Consider these facts:-

  • Over one billion tourists will travel the world this year, for business, leisure, visiting friends and relatives or other purposes.
  • International tourism this year could exceed US$ 2 trillion. Receipts earned by destinations from international visitors spending on local accommodation, food and drink, entertainment, shopping and other services and goods will reach over US$ 1500 billion, while an additional US$ 400 plus billion will be made by international passenger transport.
  • That's over US$ 4 billion a day spent on tourism.

It may be a competitive market but one thing absolutely for sure is that those tourism businesses that embrace and use Internet promotion are the ones that will get the lions share of that $2 Trillion, leaving the rest to scramble over the scraps.

Governments have long realised the increasingly important role of the tourism sector in stimulating economic growth and contributing to international trade and tourist boards are amongst some of the biggest spenders in promotion.

In conclusion then, just having a web site is not enough to secure success in the new economic market of tourism, it has to be visible. And by visible I mean on page one of Google for the important search phrases that millions of people enter each day.
Just like having a shop in town, if your down some small side street ally where not many go, your going to struggle. But if your on the main high street crowded with shoppers? Well, simple answer.... success.

Excluss have been pioneering Internet promotion since the days when Larry's Google was still in his parents basement garage. Now Google dominates the world search market serving billions of pages of information each day and Excluss dominates the ability to make businesses visible in those pages. No matter how small or big you are, with the correct promotion on the Internet, you can be in front of your competitors and enjoy growth instead of struggle in the tourism market.

Its not an investment to think about its one that's top priority and needs immediate planning and action as ultimate loss will be the result of not doing so.
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Eduardo C-Vanci
Excluss 2015

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