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How to Succeed or Fail

Success or Failure on the Internet

If you own or lease a business premises, the bills are horrendous. There's rent/mortgage, electricity, property tax & business premises tax. And unless your a mega company, that's just to be on a minor road. On the high street - your talking mega bucks weekly. And only the big companies can succeed in business there, but even they fail sometimes.

And there's always ongoing investment needed. Machines break, decorating, new furniture.... the list goes on. Success or failure in business is often a daily companion to many struggling businesses.

So I am always shocked by some business owners who blindly carry on the same old way, investing into their premises but reluctant to invest into the Internet.

The Internet is the worlds largest selling platform! Its like having a virtual store on the busiest high street in the world. In fact, not just one street, but every high street in the world! AND ITS FREE FOR EVEYONE TO USE!

Yet the shortsightedness of some who just don't see the possibilities to increase and expand their business never fails to amaze me. OK so if this was back in 2000, I could understand it. But its 2015 and the Internet is the most powerful and totally free platform to sell from in the world, bustling with successful businesses. Possibly US$3 Trillion will change hands over the Internet this year! That's an enormous market.
And, I repeat again, ITS FREE to use by anyone. No rent, no taxes.
Not investing into the power of this is rather like having a free first class ticket to travel anywhere in the world - forever, but not wanting to invest a little money to buy a suitcase! Now that is not just short sightedness, its plain stupidity.
Strong words I know. But those that will succeed in the future will take note of the above, those that are going to fail will just take offence.

The world as a whole is changing and the way trade happens today is totally different than a decade ago. Those that embrace and invest into it will be here tomorrow, those that don't will be gone.
Take the following real life examples of fail and success;

Relgin Motors had been around for years and doing a roaring trade in quality secondhand vehicles. Large forecourt with hundreds of cars on show and making many sales per day. A very successful family run business a few years ago but apart from a basic website, they refused to invest into the Internet, always finding excuses for not doing so. Now unfortunately their forecourt is empty and the business expired.

Clark Cars on the other hand were smaller in sales at the time but wise enough to realise the power of the Internet and embraced and invested heavily into it. They now have several outlets selling over a1000 cars per week and still growing.

The comparison is very simple and needs no further words to explain it. The message is simple too. Embrace the Internet and succeed or don't and fail.

The European Car Distribution Handbook lists a lot of information and quotes "Car makers and dealers are responding to changes in consumer shopping behaviour, the impact of the Internet being the most important change" The 5000 or so car business failures in Europe last year were due in main to dealerships being slow to respond to the changing environment and not moving with the times.

That's just an example using the car industry. There are thousands of other business sectors all going through exactly the same transition of success and failure in business dictated by their willingness or reluctance to invest into the Internet.

Whatever you sell or service offered, if your not milking the power of the largest free selling platform in the world, you are loosing out big time and like it or not will eventually be relegated to business failure after years of struggle.
Even multi national companies have failed by not embracing the times, take Kodak for example. Once world leaders in the camera industry, but their stubbornness to change and embrace led to their failure.

So succeed or fail in business. Its your choice. If you don't promote your company on the Internet, your competitor will.
Then one morning you will wake up and find its too late, just like Relgin Motors, Kodak and thousands of others who failed in business.

© Eduardo

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