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Has Google Panda penalised you?

Are you Trying and Trying but Competitors are still above you in Google?

“Because You Are in Penalty, And Don’t Even Know it”

An Introduction to Google Penalties, and what it means to YOUR Business
By Excluss Promotions with special thanks to Adam Short, John Pearce and Chris Cantell

It’s a fact that a vast proportion of all websites are in Google penalty. This obviously means that your website will never rank highly, until you first eradicate Google's penalty. The good news is that with professional help it’s not too hard to remove a penalty and once removed, recovery of your sites rankings can be instant.

In this article we are going to discuss some causes and remedies of these Google penalties, which unfortunately most SEO or SERPs promotion experts are totally blind to.
No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, no matter what backlinks you build, you will never achieve decent ranking while you are in penalty.

google penalties

An Internet marketing company may build backlinks, social signals, new content, FB posts, videos and all the usual things. But it’s all a complete waste of time and money until you get out of penalty.
So, trying to promote a business that is in penalty is akin to flogging a dead horse. All it does is empty your pockets from all the so called ‘experts’ you’ve paid to improve your business ranking.

Many professionals come to Excluss for advice, adamant their clients are not in penalty, but soon learn the truth.
Take the case of one client who was insistent his site was in good standing. What he didn't’t realize is that duplicate content penalties also apply WITHIN a site?

Watch this video to see how one small on-page alteration changed his ranking overnight.

You will see in the video how this web site sky-rocketed immediately after a small change was made The site shot from nowhere to front page overnight!

And that’s just one of many dozens of different penalties your web business could be under.

It’s all about giving Google what they are looking for, when you know what that is and how to implement it,, you can be truly called an expert.

All the clients we have worked with had no idea they were in penalty!
Let’s explain a little about Google Penalties, so you understand the enormity of it.

Google first started to aggressively tackle spam websites way back in 2010. Google told congress recently that they made 516 updates in 2010 and tested a further 33,000 other updates!

By now, the algorithm updates number in their many thousands. Each one changing the previous results on each new search. Keeping abreast of this constantly evolving environment requires great dedication and expertise.

But Google only divulges a handful of those changes, except within their close circle of colleagues. The majority go totally unannounced.
There are literally thousands of ways Google can penalize your site but they loosely fall into these main areas. Let’s take a look.

First came Panda…
The Panda algorithm update was all about penalizing “low quality” sites, based on the content of their site. Google will hit your site hard for any one of a massive range of errors you might innocently make. Panda was a massive disrupter for half the websites in the world.
The trouble is, algorithms just aren’t very intelligent or tactful swathing through sites with obvious large numbers of innocent casualties. Google have succeeded in penalizing many completely legitimate, quality websites belonging to corporate businesses.
An algorithm is a bit like a bull in a china shop carelessly trampling over the Internet and businesses every day.
Not having enough written words and other media on the page, is a major infringement and instant penalty under Panda.

‘If you have a website where people come to buy candles, you want to list the candles one after the other. You don’t want to have minimum 500 word articles about each candle!’
It’s a fact, that if you have an e-commerce site, there's a good chance that your site is in Panda penalty as Google’s algorithms don’t yet have AI intelligence to differentiate.

It’s not just e-commerce websites. Millions of websites are penalized by Google, just because they don’t conform to the Google algorithm’s idea of quality.

The Solution.
Beating Panda is a matter of knowing how to align your website with Google’s algorithms.
For instance there are Google-approved ways to add content to your website which won’t negatively impact the viewer’s experience. The easiest is to build sliders and other menu-driven items that allow hundreds of words of content without distracting from your site’s sales message.
There are many dozens of other aspects to Panda penalties; we have given you just one that can have a dramatic effect spelling success or failure in e-commerce.

Then Came Penguin
After the devastating Panda, came Penguin which was all about seeking out bad backlinks.
Google's CEO Eric Schmidt told US Congress that they had made 516 updates in 2010 alone, and that they had tested over 13,000 updates!!!
The whole intention of Penguin is to stop “artificial SEO” by placing links on other sites linking to your site. Something that’s always been a driving factor in SEO. It’s still vital and extremely beneficial to have backlinks BUT, where they are from and what they contain are now the vital elements to keep Google's mechanically mindless algorithms happy and your site out of penalty.

Penguin first hit on April 24th 2012. The result was total carnage in the Internet industry.
It spelt utter and complete devastation for 99% of all the SEO techniques used by most non-informed SEO companies and webmasters.
Rankings plummeted and multiple businesses collapsed. Many corporate's sought high court actions against Google and hundreds of thousands of smaller businesses closed after their internet based incomes disappeared literally overnight.

“SEO Is DEAD” went out the world wide wailing cry. Many established SEO specialist companies left the business as their clients sites plummeted out of sight. Even Google's own shareholders were shocked at the sudden dive in revenues collected by Google from all those advert stuffed sites. It seemed they had shot themselves in the foot to most of the industry. But it was all about delivering quality content to Google searches and despite the shock waves, it worked. Penguin along with Panda before it, illuminated most of the ‘junk’ and advert stuffed sites overnight.

But this was actually good news for professional companies like Excluss who took the trouble to affiliate with Google and keep abreast with changing times and how to avoid Panda & Penguin penalties.

Take a look at what was done to a client’s site in 2 weeks! It was in Penguin penalty, and the site was nowhere in the top 200 results.

A specialized anchor balancing campaign, a few professional tweaks, and the site was back up at the top. Take a look at this 3 minute video case study:

Another major algorithm update was Hummingbird. It’s not actually such a big penalty giver. The Hummingbird algorithm was designed to incorporate all the previous updates, algorithms and penalties such as Panda and Penguin. Of course Google tweaked everything, adding a few dozen more little additions to demote your site if it didn't’t conform.

Other Penalties can be:-

Exact Match Domain Penalty [EMD] EMD updates and penalties include elements of both Penguin and Panda. Basically it means if you have a domain name that matches or partially matches the main keyword, you need to be even more careful of the Penguin. But again, so long as you know what to do or seek professional advice, it’s not a problem.

Manual Penalties A manual penalty is like it says, manual. Your site is reviewed manually by a Google employee, and that employee then decides he doesn't’t like something about it! If you have an account with Google they actually tell you if you are under a manual penalty.
But the reasons the manual reviewer may not like it are basically the same things Panda and Penguin are designed to hit. Getting out of manual penalty is more complex, but again not hard to do when you know what to do and say to Google.

Unfortunately all these changes in Google's algorithms have opened the door to something of far greater danger to every business on the internet.

Negative SEO Attack [NSA]
Negative SEO Attacks  {NSA's} are becoming an epidemic that could destroy your business
You just MUST arm yourself with the knowledge of how to avoid and defeat them.

What exactly are they? Well you could put into the category of cyber-attacks, extortion or even corporate terrorism. Another person (normally a competitor) can easily launch a silent and undetectable campaign against your website, without even the need to hack it first! Meaning anyone with limited knowledge could carry out an NSA. All it can take is half an hour’s work and the competitor site goes straight into penalty with Google and disappears from search.

What this means is that deliberately sending a competing site into penalty with NSA's is now a widespread tactic.

Basically, they do everything Google says not to do in order to make it look as if your site is violating Google policies. Negative SEO can take different forms like building bad links to your site or creating the linking to fake social profiles - often of xxx adult material, to name just two systems and to the more expert NSA terrorist, there are many other devastating systems that can simply eliminate your site as if it never existed. And the frightening thing is, you can never prove where the NSA came from - as normally from somewhere in Asia.

Bad Links Your competitor builds ‘bad links’ to your website from adult, gambling, low quality, or even banned sites. They can create a link wheel to get you hit with a Google penalty. Done by using a group of websites linked to each other. If a competitor does this successfully enough, Google could even ban your site. While some NSAs will only target a specific page on your site, others can target your entire website. Destroying your business and revenues instantly.

Bad Anchor Text This is achieved by a link using anchor text that is not related to the page on which it exists or linked to. It is a common that an NSA may use both this and ‘bad links’ together to achieve more devastating results.

Domain Redirects A 301 redirect passes all the ranking power, good or bad to the redirected page. So a competitor may put 301 redirects from bad or banned domains to your site including adult, pharmacy, gambling sites etc.

Profile NSA’s A number of companies are engaged in creating fake profiles to NSA impact their competitor’s business. Running blog spams with competitor’s link or spamming people with competitor’s domain name are two common types NSA.

Site Hacking So far we have only dealt with methods that can be used by anyone without the need or knowledge to hack into your site, which is a lot easier than you may realize. There are maybe a million hackers out there some only 9 years old! They have nothing better to do than hack into other people’s websites just for the fun of it or, for more malicious reasons such as planting a virus or distributing banned material. While others may charge $100 to hack a site. WordPress hacks and SQL Injection are two common tactics used in negative SEO. Security in the site implementation and secure managed hosting can illuminate this.
Through all these Google's updates penalizing sites, they have let loose a monster site killer that can be used by unscrupulous individual’s intent on destroying a competitor

What this means is that Negative SEO (deliberately sending competing site into penalty) is now a widespread tactic…
It’s becoming a very common problem that requires some special techniques. This sort of negative SEO attack can remove any site from top listings in Google for any given keyword.

You could be multi million pound corporate or small local business. You will wake up one morning and all those orders from all those people that bought your goods because you were on Google's front page….. They won’t come anymore!! Your internet business is destroyed because you didn't’t even know it could happen that easily. Excluss are one of the few professional companies in the world that can put measures in place to prevent and overcome NSA.

At Excluss we have successfully employed specialized techniques to protect our clients from suffering the enormous cost financially of an NSA.
It’s a simple fact ‘it’s increasingly likely your site will be attacked and your business destroyed by an NSA from a competitor’

Below are a few of Google and Mozcast’s own stats!
Over 50% of websites are under penalty (as judged by the % of search queries affected by that particular algorithm update)
And Google obviously keep secret to all except a few privileged, the full details and effects of their updates. Across all the updates, the percentage is estimated to be much higher at around 95% of all promoted sites.

There have been 5 Penguin updates, but Google have only divulged details for 2 out of those 5.

There have been 27 Panda updates but Google only announced 13 of them.

Respected website Mozcast recorded over 10% of sites have been hit with NSA’s

Hundreds of thousands of Companies, SEO professionals, webmasters and internet marketers worldwide have been turned upside down by the unrelenting release of new Google algorithms so far. AND there are plenty more to come.

Negative SEO is a serious issue and should be handled carefully by professionals experienced with and of long standing with Google.
Special thanks to Adam Short, John Pearce and Chris Cantell for their valuable input.
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