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Being Famous on the Internet - The new holy grail!

If I had $10 for every time someone asked me "Can you make ME famous on the Internet"? I would be a much wealthier person. Below is a light hearted but factual introduction into how to be famous, powerful and/or wealthy using the Internet and why most are not.

Years ago when we first started, in the days Larry was messing around in his parents garage toying with the idea of a search engine, nobody actually realised (well, not many), what an enormous beast with insatiable appetite it would become. Today, Larry? Well, you know the story. He went on to get it right after hours of endless nights chatting with us all and Google was born.

Google today deals with billions of dollars and is the main gateway through which over $2.5 Trillion - YES TRILLION! - of e-commerce takes place yearly and growing faster than any other market. Virtually all that trade starts with a search and click.

Many years ago they all laughed or looked awestruck when I boldly stated in front of a conference. "The times are changing and approaching to where if your not in Google - you wont exist". I was referring mainly to businesses at the time. But it will soon be applicable to everyone. But that's the way it is now after many years. If you have a business of any kind or thinking about starting one. Its not store location, location, location any more! Its search position, position, position.

There are $billions made weekly over the Internet by everyone from global corporate's down to little old granny's with a small home business in their lounge.

I've known many people like Larry that went on to pioneer and build something not thought possible two decades ago. Something that would impact on every human on this planet and make the world a very small place indeed. Imagining a world without the internet is akin to imagining a world without glass!

Leaders, politicians, companies, workers and right down to that man out in some remote area of Africa, who peddles hard on his rusty bicycle to power his equally rusted dynamo to generate some power to charge his phone to watch a bit of YouTube or check his Facebook! ALL those people have something in common - desires & needs. And that clever Google search engine can find the answer for most things. But to satisfy a need or desire normally entails a cost, and that's the fuel powering the $2.5 Trillion e-commerce market this year.

Hence why everybody wants to be famous on the Internet. The right exposure on the Internet can open the doors to propel any business or person into that multi trillion dollar market that's just swimming in $$$.

So while Google, Bing and Yahoo went on to take over the world and all our lives, myself and a couple of like minded scientists, decided to take over their search engines. Well, not literally, just how to tame and control them to deliver the desired results.

The internet is a perfect science model because at its very root core, its just machines chewing over endless '1's' and '0's'. All one has to do is ensure those 1's and 0's are arranged in the correct sequences and wall-ah! the search engine does your bidding. The whole process is controlled by what's known as 'algorithms' which are essentially long mathematical equations that have a scientifically logical effect on every search. Google alone have brought out many thousands of algorithm updates to their search engine over the years. With some very major ones like Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird. (I loved the Hummingbird one as its the national emblem of where I live in Jamaica. ) Each time Google releases an algorithm, the whole search process invisibly changes and keeping abreast with all that is a full time profession. And then of course along comes FaceBook, YouTube and a zillion other social sites all opening new doors to new success.

That's where 'being famous on the Internet' comes in. Whether your a politician winning votes, a corporate acquiring business, a small local firm or an artist looking for fame, if you cant be found in the search engines, your nothing.  Its very simple, if your product, service or message is at the forefront of search, you win and your competitor losses. If its somewhere amongst the billions of other pages on the net, you lose and your competitor wins.

But what of the cost of achieving fame and fortune on the Internet?

In comparison to high street premises its tiny! The investment needed to open a business on a major high street overflowing with people day and night could cost you $millions. But 'real estate' and 'net estate' differ vastly in the investment needed. I know of a once small car company in the UK who now dominates the market across Europe, purely by embracing the Internet and spending a few thousand promoting themselves across it. One could fill dozens of books with the names of successful people who embraced and invested into 'net estate'. But sadly, there are many dinosaurs out there who still feel that having a website is just like having a sign above their shop. They have a website because they feel they must. Or they are on FaceBook because they feel its necessary. WRONG THOUGHT PROCESS!

Within the next few years, the Internet will handle more business and sales than all the high streets and individual shops and companies in the world put together. E-commerce is here to stay and dominate our future. Either your a part of it or you fade away, simple fact.

The investment to get into this giant sea of commerce is tiny in comparison to traditional business. A professional e-commerce ready website can be built and promoted to the front page of Google and millions of people by anyone with a few thousand to invest. The same goes for an emerging artist looking for fame or a politician looking for votes. Promotional budgets are down to the individual objectives, market sector and desired recognition level and can reach into the $100's of thousands.

But, its an investment that cannot be ignored as failure to do so is failure of your business ultimately.

How to get to the front of search?

Well that's where Excluss comes in. That's what we have always specialised in and become the absolute masters of - putting people, companies and products in front of the world in an ever expanding market. At the end of the day its all about giving the thirsty search engines what they want and in return they deliver the required result. There is a multitude of boxes to tick, formulae to engineer and constantly changing algorithm obstacles to overcome. But do it professionally and you rise to the top blowing away any competition.

How not to succeed is easy. Just ignore everything you have just read above.

Have a look at http://www.jamaica.excluss.com/google-penalties.htm for more info

Eduardo C-Vanci
Excluss 2015

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