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Many Internet Promotion (SEO) companies will tell you "Hey, we can get you on page one of Google!" then proceed to charge you $$$ for this magic service to as they say 'dominate Google'.

Well, just about anyone can dominate Google that way. If your company name is PallMall Supplies and your website is www.pallmallsupplies.com. then Google should automatically put you on the first page when you search for pallmall supplies, that's not Google domination, that's normal.
But only the people that know of you are going to type that into Google and they are probably already your customers. So nothing gained from the seemingly magic internet promotion that cost you $$$.

The secret of attracting new customers over the Internet is to build your sites pages and content keywords around what's called 'long tail keywords' and 'localised key phrases'. If done professionally, then you can definitely dominate Google and all the other search engines.
Let me explain. Say one of PallMall's products is an office chair with an ergonomic backrest for those with back problems. PallMall needs to come out top for searches like - 'office chair medical backrest' / 'ergonomic office chair with lower back support' / 'Choosing the Right Ergonomic Office Chair' / 'chair with posture support' / 'best backrest for office chair' / 'office chair ergonomic lumbar support' etc etc. These are all real searches typed into Google by potential buyers every day.

So while all their competitors are spending $$$'s on promotion or buying ads, trying to get top listings for 'office chairs' against massive competition, PallMall gets daily phone calls from really interested buyers who found them from a long tail keyword search.
Its far easier to dominate a small vertical market than to even get in the top 100 of a mass market and a whole lot less expensive in promotional costs. Which in return reflects on your companies bottom line - ROI.

Try it yourself. Just type 'office chairs' into Google - 26,000,000 other pages! That's a lot of competition to beat and would cost a small fortune to dominate.
Now type 'office chair with ergonomic backrest' only 295,000 competing pages. A much easier market to dominate.
And, whereas people typing 'office chairs' into Google are possibly just browsing, the people asking for 'office chair with ergonomic backrest' are more likely to be serious customers who know exactly what they are looking for and ready to buy.

Now just suppose, PallMall Supplies did that with many of their products. They wouldn't just dominate Google for 'pallmall supplies', they would have dozens of listings all on page one. And their main listing would possibly fill the whole front page because Google would recognise all the sub listings. The result? Total domination in Google over all their competitors.

Excluss pioneered this approach to promotional campaigns years ago and have placed many hundreds of websites into top level niche positions driving top quality leads to their sales team.

Vertical sector promotion is without doubt the most profitable of all sectors, because potential customers are normally serious buyers, not just browsing around for cheap prices or for fun.

No matter what your companies products, there are many ways to promote them but the most profitable are the promotions aimed at vertical sectors.

There is obviously much more to dominating your search position on the Internet and in Google, such as building authority links, page content and the coding of the site itself. But its a whole lot more profitable going after vertical markets than trying to dominate the mass ones.


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