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Importance of Domains from Excluss Jamaica Consultancy


The importance of a domain name.

Domain. When choosing a domain name you should select a name people will use to search for your site. Most obviously, this could be your brand, personal name or Jamaican theme. Think about how you search on the internet yourself.  There are many different domain name extensions such as .com .biz, .info, .net, .uk to name a few. But which domain name is best for you? That depends on where your located and what you want to do with your website. An Excluss consultant can advise you the best choice and source the domain for you. Many companies have several domain names each with there own micro site for individual products or services. A very effective method of giving them a wider catchments area for customers.

Email. Your own domain gives you the benefit of an email with your own company name. This is much more effective than a Yahoo, Google or some other service. Bill@mycompany.com is far more corporate looking than billblogs00981@gmail.com.  And of course, your employees and even family can all have their own personalised email address.

DNS. All our domains come with full free DNS so you can point your visitors to any domain you wish. You can even host your domain and website of our dedicated IP servers.

Privacy. When you register a domain name, the registration details are available to anyone who searches a public database. We can give you total anonymity and hide those details to avoid spammers looking to steal or transfer your domain name or hijack its operation. Protect your personal details with the Excluss WHOIS privacy.

Prices. Depending on the extension, prices vary from as little as JM$1500 per year to JM$7000 per year. For example yourcompany,com JM$2500 and yourcompany.co.uk JM$1800.

If your not conversant with any of the above, don't worry our expert team here at Excluss in Jamaica will set up the domain and do it all for you.

If you have a query about how to secure your piece of property on the Internet, Contact Excluss Domains Jamaica Today.

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