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Corporate domain and website consolidation.

Corporations and governments normally have multiple domain names with individual websites for different departments and management responsibility often split across various personal and departments.

With so many domains and sites this results in a very complicated miss matched network making management and central control extremely difficult, with obvious failings.
Apart from the above and the threat of hijacking or accidentally expiring, consolidation can save an organization a great deal of time and money. While offering the organization and end user a much smoother and secure experience.

A consolidated and managed network portal delivers more visibility, accountability and control than any other solution creating a strong security culture with central expertise giving significant reductions in stolen web traffic, online fraud and unauthorized channels.

Excluss offers strategic guidance on daily online management, from domains to multiple website integration. A dedicated client services manager with expert teams and 24x7 support.

What is site consolidation? Consolidation entails creating a single portal instead of having multiple stand-alone websites. Consolidating your websites into one system allows central management of all your sites with a team working on only one platform, with drastic reduced maintenance and development costs. Some of the benefits are:-

Many organizations and governments have realized that managing a myriad of departmental websites organically grown over the years defended by separate tech teams at war with each other, is counter productive, costly and problematic.
By consolidating their web presence into one portal they have not only eliminated all these problems and excessive overheads but provide a much more transparent and user friendly experience for customers.

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