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Guide for Jamaican Music Artists

From Eduardo - Excluss Promotions

So you want to be a Jamaican musician superstar YES?
Well don't we all. So join the queue.

But there is a way to jump the queue. and get right to the front for any Jamaican musician looking for international fame.
Promotion and networking my friend.

I've met many singers and musicians over the years from across the globe who aspired to be recognised internationally. Some had what it took, some didn't. So here is the guide to achieve fame for every Jamaican musician.

Firstly, you have to have the right sound. Like most countries, in Jamaica there are many artists who may have good vocals but they still cling to the traditional songs and sounds. The days of fame riding on the success waves of great musicians like Bob Marley and other famous reggae style singers are gone. That sound has been overplayed for many years in Europe and globally. True to say there will always be a following for this music, in the trade we call it a 'vertical sector'.
So first you must decide, do you want to be just another Jamaican singer satisfying that vertical sector or do you want to break free and take your music to the mass? The first may bring you local success but the later could propel you into the global charts and international fame.
The way of deciding is simple. Spend some time listening to current music in the charts in the UK from places like MTV. Then ask yourself can your music and vocals emulate some of those chart topping songs? If it can, you are half way to becoming a superstar. If it cant then stick with the vertical market sector of Jamaican listeners.
Why the UK? Two reasons, its the cornerstone into Europe and songs in the UK charts are played throughout the world daily. Which makes it an ideal study point full of internationally famous vocals and sounds. If you want to be successful then study successful people.

Secondly, be dedicated. Just wanting to be a successful Jamaican musician is not enough, it takes dedication and a lot of work. Success does not come to those sat on their sofa at home, it comes to those who go out and meet people. The more people you meet that know of your music, the more you build your network and the larger your network the larger your chance of finding doors that are open to you. Set a goal to make at least one new friend a day and get your message across to them. Be active on Facebook and interact with friends and followers daily. Remember their birthdays and get involved with them. Join groups with similar music interests, as Facebook opens you up to a global audience and even if you are just concentrating on your vertical music sector, that can be massive across the globe. Set up your own YouTube channel and feature others music videos within the same theme as your own.
Work on your words, music and ultimate sound, accepting criticism as a positive help. The more dedicated you are the greater your chance of recognition.

Finally, promote your music talent. If you have no budget for this, then yes its going to be a hard uphill struggle. But following the advice above will help you on that journey. For those fortunate enough to have either their own budget or financial support from others, then the path of music promotion is much easier and with more certainty of success. That does not mean you can ignore what you've read above, just the opposite, its an important element to achieve promotional success in music.
Whether you decide to promote to a vertical sector or promote to a wider global audience will determine the ultimate financial cost. The music promotions business is an immense one and full of the usual wannabe's, has been's and downright cons. So beware and only ever use a professional and established music promotions company. If in doubt, research them on the Internet. If its a small site that's difficult to find in Google forget them. Look for lots of different entry's in the Google page about them. Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter are just a few of dozens of other sites that will be recognising and linking to a credible music promotions company.

As for cost? It can be anything from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars a month. Many top musicians spend at least $200k to get into the charts and even more on videos and PR. But the reward of a $million contract signing makes it a good investment. Even Justin Beavers promotion agents buy Twitter likes for him! A good promotions company can not only get you to the top, they are expert at keeping you there and current.

Emerging unsigned artists don't normally have that type of financial budget though, often relying on a combination of own resources and help from family and friends. And that's where you need a caring promotional company that understands your situation and desires and knows how to get the most for the least. First you need a website. Then you need a video. It doesn't have to cost a fortune as imagination is better than money when making an entertaining music video and can be made for under a thousand dollars or a couple of thousand if you use a local film crew. Realistic promotional costing can range from $600 to $1500 a month for at least six months. By the end of which, if your sound is good, you will have been downloaded, seen and heard by millions of new International listeners on the Internet, heard across the world on thousands of radio stations, been seen on places like MTV & BET and have many thousands of fans. And if not by then signed to a good record deal, you will be soon.
Note the costs above are based on Jamaican prices as in Europe they can be double or treble that amount.

In conclusion, how successful you will become will depend on your dedication, finances and most importantly the right sound.
Remember, a professional promotions company is one that says no more often than it says yes to emerging artists and is transparent across the Internet.
Blessup and wishing you every success
Eduardo C-Vanci 2015

Excluss have been around the entertainment and music industry for a long time, We know the sounds that appeal and the artists that are dedicated. In addition to promoting music, as aggregator managers we can arrange all the technical stuff like digital signing, copyrighting, bar codes and distribution of your music globally across a vast network of affiliates and partners. So if you feel you have that special something that could become international favoured, just use our music promotions contact page.
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